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Latest News / March 15, 2018

Maturity clearance update

Maturity clearance for 2018 has commenced with 1.5m TE cleared, mostly from the Gisborne region. To date, 30 orchards have had sampling stop occur mainly due to long grass. The grower response to the stop sampling process so far has been excellent with only a couple of orchards currently in-progress for stop sampling, several of which have carried over from 2017 with significant collapsed structures. Information on hazards and the stop sampling process are available here.

As part of improving communication to growers about when a sampler will arrive on an orchard, the sample request cut-off time has been brought forward to 7.30pm of the evening prior to sample collection. This allows time for the sample to be allocated to a sampler and for text notifications to be sent to the primary contact for the orchard. The intention is to have most non-dry matter test results from the current day’s sampling complete by this time but this can be challenging at certain times during the season.

The sampling text notification process has been partially implemented with the estimated arrival time texts in development. The text notification process was explained in Zespri’s letter to growers late last year available here. A consequence of the text notification process is that requests for sampling at specific times are not able to be accommodated. Growers are also encouraged not to request samples on the day of harvest as this can place undue pressure on sample collection and can result in data issues between the postharvest facility and Zespri.

The 2018 maturity clearance charges, frequently asked questions guide and Taste calculation specifications have been published and are available here.