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Latest News / March 9, 2017

Maturity clearance sampling

Grower identification of additional health and safety risks

The following message is from Eurofins to growers dated Friday 10 March 2017. For more information or questions directed specifically to Eurofins, please contact the Eurofins Contact Center on (07) 549 1044.

A number of queries have been received about how growers can respond to the Eurofins Bay of Plenty text notification prior to sample collection:

“Eurofins BOP will be sampling KPIN [XXXX] on [DD/MM]. Please call 07 549 1044 if you have new Health and Safety issues you need to tell us about. No reply please.”

  • The text message is sent to the primary contact recorded against the orchard as provided by postharvest or the grower.
  • Text messages are sent within approximately 15 minutes of the sample being requested for the following day or the morning prior to the collection date for samples requested more than a day in advance.
  • It is intended that we will limit texts to be sent within the hours of 7am – 9pm but are largely driven by the time the sample is requested by postharvest.
  • One text message is sent per KPIN / sampling date (not per sample) clearly identifying the KPIN and the date sampling is planned for.
  • Growers can view (and update) the risks / hazards and any controls for their KPIN on the Eurofins BOP website under orchard > create / edit (this requires a login – see 3 below).
  • There may be additional text messages sent to growers / primary contacts to advise of other situations where this helps keep the grower informed, this is still being investigated.

A reply by text is currently not available although given this is probably the most convenient method of reply and is in written form this is currently being investigated, if this becomes available the text will be updated and a further communication made to advise of this option.

Current options for growers / primary contacts to advise Eurofins Bay of Plenty of any additional health and safety issues are:

  1. Phone: Call (07) 549 1044 extension 0 and advise the Eurofins BOP staff member – This number will be staffed between the hours of 6am – 9.30pm.
  2. Email:  The email needs to identify the: KPIN; contact details including the phone number of the person sending the email; and the additional health and safety issues.
  3. Website: The orchard details including orchard hazards can be updated on the Eurofins BOP website  up until 8.30pm the night prior to sample collection. Samples are allocated to samplers after 8.30pm so any updates that occur after this time will not be included in the samplers instructions and should be phoned through. A grower login is required to access the Eurofins BOP website and can be obtained by clicking on the Eurofins BOP link on the Zespri Canopy website.

There has been some good information provided to Eurofins BOP as a result of the text messages being received, thank you to growers for actively helping to keep orchards safe.