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Latest News / January 25, 2018

Contractor Registration

As the season moves closer to harvest, NZKGI would like to remind growers that all contractors working on kiwifruit orchards must be registered with Zespri. This includes all spray, fertiliser and vine-work contractors.  Spray, fertiliser and harvest contractors must complete a GAP audit annually and hold a current compliance assessment verification (CAV) certificate at any time that they are working on orchards.

Growers must ensure that they see the CAV for each contractor before they commence work for them and a copy of the CAV must be held by the contractor whilst working so that it is available if required.

To register, contracts should request a registration form from, complete and return to the same email. Later this year a new online registration and renewal system will be available for contractors and they will be able to update their contact information with Zespri at any time.

Furthermore, contractors that employ any staff are also required to complete a GRASP assessment. Harvest contractors should already have either completed their GAP/GRASP audit or have it booked in. Those that have not yet booked in an audit need to do so as soon as possible as this is a requirement of receiving their CAV. Contractors involved in vine-work but not harvesting will also be required to undergo a GAP/GRASP audit this year. Further information will be communicated when this audit programme becomes available. Until then vine-work contractors should register with Zespri so they receive the latest information.

For more information, email NZKGI or call 0800 232 505