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Latest News / May 19, 2017

Class 1 Hayward Organic Mainpack Supply Cap

Due to the constrained supply to Japan for Class 1 Hayward Organic (HW1OB) a decision has been made (ratified by ISG) to open a Class 1 Hayward Organic Mainpack Supply Cap for Taste Bands R, T, and Y.

Details of this Supply Cap are as follows:

  • Opens at midnight tonight (Friday 19 May 2017);
  • Entitles qualifying trays submitted under this Supply Cap to receive a Submit Incentive of $0.50c per Gross Submit TE.  This Submit Incentive payment will be:
    • final and will not be subject to change resulting from the August 2017 Forecast values, and
    • $0.50 per Gross Submit TE for all sizes 18-42;
  • Include fruit submitted with a Japan phytosanitary (pest) restriction, however fruit with Japan residue restriction will not qualify for the Submit Incentive;
  • Closes at midnight on Sunday 28 May (end of week 21) unless closed earlier;
  • Zespri will provide at least 48 hours’ notice of the closure of this Supply Cap in the event that the Supply Cap closes before midnight on Sunday 28 May;
  • Zespri charges for order release and order changes for weeks 20-22 for Japan HW1OB will be DIFOTIS exempt – DIFOTIS penalties and premiums for weeks 20-22 will still apply.

Class 2 Hayward Organic submit will not qualify for a Submit Incentive under this Supply Cap.

This Supply Cap will replace the HW1OB $0.50 Priority Premium for Week 20 and 21 supply to Japan previously communicated to the industry on Thursday 18 May.  This Priority Premium has been cancelled effective immediately.

This payment will be made as miscellaneous (manual) grower payment.