It is estimated the industry will need another 2,000 permanent employees and 4,000 seasonal employees within the next few years. This future growth is dependent on the ability to attract and retain young people who are highly skilled and enthusiastic and develop them to become our industry’s future leaders.

NZKGI Careers Expo’s

NZKGI Careers Expo

NZKGI Careers Expo

NZKGI is part of the Horticulture Capability Group, made up of Horticulture NZ, NZKGI, Pipfruit NZ, Hawkes Bay Fruit Growers Association and Vegetables NZ. Together, the group aims to boost opportunities and visibility of horticultural careers across New Zealand by participating in career expos from north to south. Collaborators identify the expos they will lead and have access to a shared library of collateral that is updated annually.

In 2016, NZKGI has participated in a range of careers expos including:

  • Western Bay at Work – Tauranga
  • University of Waikato Expo – Hamilton
  • University of Waikato Expo – Tauranga
  • Eastern Bay of Plenty Expo – Edgecumbe
  • CATE Conference- Hamilton
  • The National Horticultural Field Day – Hawkes Bay
  • Careers Evening- Mount Maunganui College

If you would like to find out more about our activities in the careers and education sector, or participate in an expo at your school, please email NZKGI or call us on 0800 232 505.