For almost quarter of a century, NZKGI has been the voice for New Zealand’s kiwifruit growers, helping to make key decisions within the industry and acting as an advocate for the industry at government level.


NZKGI works with the IRD to provide advice to growers to support tax payments. In times of crisis, NZKGI can work with the IRD and growers to assist their tax requirements within difficult circumstances.

Tax Changes to Help Growers

Proposed changes to the Taxation (Livestock Valuation, Assets Expenditure and Remedial Matters) Bill, was introduced in September 2012. The changes to the tax legislation directly affect kiwifruit growers who have removed vines due to Psa. For more information on tax changes see the document below.

Please note - NZKGI cannot give tax advice, so actions based on this information should not be carried out until you have consulted your tax adviser.

Psa-V Tax Technical Factsheet
A factsheet has been prepared by IRD outlining various kiwifruit Psa-V orchard specific tax issues. NZKGI advises growers to discuss this further with their accountant. Click on the link below to view the fact sheet.