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Latest News / January 25, 2018

Keeping Harvest Clean

The health and hygiene practices of staff handling fruit through the supply chain is a particularly important topic for the upcoming harvest. Growers have obligations under GLOBALGAP GRASP to provide toilet facilities to anybody working on your orchard:

  • Toilets must be available at harvest time within 500 metres from the place of work.
  • Toilets must be kept clean and stocked.
  • Handwashing facilities must be available and include clean water, soap and something to dry their hands with.
  • If clean water for hand-washing is not available, then hand sanitiser must be provided.

If the toilet is in a house on the orchard, it must be accessible at all times to anybody working on the orchard. It is not acceptable for the facilities to be locked while harvest is underway. Not providing appropriate toilet facilities is serious non-compliance in regards to both hygiene and worker welfare.