For almost quarter of a century, NZKGI has been the voice for New Zealand’s kiwifruit growers, helping to make key decisions within the industry and acting as an advocate for the industry at government level.

Share Trading

Zespri is grower-owned and grower-controlled by way of growers owning and voting their Zespri shares. Zespri’s company constitution provides that shareholders can only vote their Zespri shares in proportion to their kiwifruit production.

Share Trading Platform

Following from the KISP process, in February 2016 Zespri’s share trading platform was changed so that shares were traded on-market via the *Unlisted share trading platform.

Zespri’s reasons for the change to *Unlisted were:

  • A lower cost of trading (approximately 35% cheaper)
  • Independent from Zespri and subject to independent oversight
  • Reflects Zespri’s maturity
  • Improves share trading transparency and access to historic information
  • Ability to leverage market announcement platform

Share Trading FAQ’s

How do I trade?

Contact a broker.  Before you can buy or sell shares on-market you are required to be transacted via one of the six *Unlisted registered brokers below. The broker will contact Zespri to ensure the purchaser is a New Zealand kiwifruit producer before the order is placed in the market.

Is the broker my only point of contact for trading shares on-market?

Yes.  The entire share purchase or sale will be managed by your broker and all payments will be made via your broker. Your broker will contact Zespri to place your share trade order on the *Unlisted market.

Once a transaction has been completed, *Unlisted will instruct the share registry (Computershare ) to amend the shareholding records to reflect the transaction.

What is the cost to trade?

$7.50 + 1% per side (may vary per broker)

How is market information distributed?

On the *Unlisted website announcement platform

How can I find out about other buyers or sellers of shares?

You can see the current Bids and Offers on market on the *Unlisted website.
– Searching “ZGL” in the Stock Look Up field

If you would like more information about Zespri Shares, visit Zespri Canopyor contact the Zespri Grower Contact Centre on 0800 155 355.